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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Shop

What makes Warm N Cozy different?
Warm N Cozy is truly a full service quilt shop. We go beyond just machine quilting and also will assemble, trim, finish, and even help to plan and coordinate fabrics for any project. Our goal is to approach each quilt or project as if it were our own. Together, we can make beautiful keepsakes that you will treasure.

I'm looking to start a new project, but I don't know where to start. Can you help?
Yes, we are happy to talk you though choosing a new project and have many different books, patterns, and kits that may be just the inspiration you're looking for.

Do you take fabric donations?
Generally, no. However, we do accept donations of red, white, or blue fabric that is 100% cotton for use toward Quilts of Valor quilts.


Do you offer embroidery?
Yes. Currently we offer embroidery blocks, labels, and embroidery directly on the backing of a quilt.

Do you offer batting? Why should I buy batting from you?
We have several options for batting. We have 80/20, Poly, and Cotton. If you purchase batting from us, we only charge you for what we use.

I have blocks, t-shirts, ties, etc that I'd like to use in a quilt, but I'm unsure of how to design or layout what I have. Can you help?
Yes! We do custom design! We will piece your quilt for you as well. You can be as involved in that process as you like. We want your items to be made into something you will love.


Why should I take a class?
The classes we offer are small and personalized. Most of our classes have a maximum of 8 participants. We can provide individual attention to help you with your project. We also will help you pick out your fabrics prior to the class and are happy to help discuss any tools that may be helpful to the project. We want your class time to be as useful to you as possible. 

I'm a beginner. Can I still take a class? Which ones should I take?
Yes! We welcome all experience levels to any of our classes, unless otherwise indicated. We have a great beginning quilting class that walks you through the entire process from picking out fabric to quilting and binding a finished quilt. This is a great place to start!

We offer full day classes that include lunch and some shorter classes that are just a few hours. Our full day classes are great for beginners because you can often complete a large part of the project during class time. Our other classes are shorter and are good to learn and start a quilt, but will often require more work outside class time to complete, or are a smaller project that should be completed in a shorter amount of time. 

If you have any specific concerns, feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to give you more information.


Can I use a sheet as my backing?
We recommend using a fabric backing on all quilts. Sheets are typically going to wear out faster than a higher quality fabric. Ideally, your top and back of your quilt should be of similar quality. 

What size backing do I need for machine quilting?
Typically we ask that your backing be 4 inches longer on each side. This allows us ample room for our machine to be able to grab on to the backing and also ensures we will be able to get the perfect placment of the backing. 

Machine Quilting by Mail

What is your payment policy?
We request that you fill out our intake form or contact us for an estimate. Once that has been reviewed and accepted, mail in your quilt top, backing, and binding fabric (if you'd like us to bind it for you) and once all service is completed, we will email you a final invoice. We will ship your quilt back to you once we receive payment. For mail service, we will also include shipping costs with your final invoice.

How much does shipping cost? How will you be shipping my quilt back?
We use USPS or UPS to ship quilts typically. We can use an alternative shipping method upon request. 

Once your quilts are complete, we will package and weigh your quilts and let you know the cost for shipping. We can also add insurance on to your package, at an additional charge. The shipping charge will vary based on the size and weight of the quilt. 

Do you offer custom design, t-shirt quilts, etc by mail also?
Yes! Our services are the same whether you live down the street or thousands of miles away. We want to be able to help you complete a treasured keepsake.