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HandiQuilter Machine Rental

We are proud to offer machine rental time on our HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen with optional Tru-Stitch regulator. If you are interested in setting up time, give us a call to schedule and we'll need you to complete the Rental Agreement prior to your quilting session.

Available Rental Session Times
  • Tuesday through Friday
    • 9 am – 1 pm
    • 1 pm – 5 pm
  • Call for availability of evening and weekend rental times

Rental Fee Schedule

Deposit due at time of scheduling quilting session

     Deposit will be applied to your quilting session


Inital Training

     1 hour of training and a 3 hour quilting session


2-Hour Quilting Session


3-Hour Quilting Session


4-Hour Quilting Session


All-Day Quilting Session


Overage of Scheduled Session

$10 per half hour

Rental Fees
  • Initial Session $75
    • 4-hours long (same day)
      • 1 hour training
      • 3-hour quilting session
  • 1 “M” class bobbin for use during session. If different thread colors are used, it will be required to purchase additional bobbins.
  • Use of our rulers
  • 1 Hour of training includes:
    • This is not a “how-to” training. Please see our list of classes on how to machine quilt.
    • Basic operation of the machine
    • Operation of the bobbin winder
    • Tension adjustment
    • Threading the machine
    • Proper bobbin case installation
    • Oiling the machine
    • Discuss the importance of a square backing
    • Thread basics
  • Quilting Sessions
    • Sessions are available in 2, 3 or 4 hour increments
    • Use of our stock of Omni threads
    • New, appropriate gauge needle to begin your project. Your new needle will be installed at the start of each session by a qualified Warm N Cozy employee
    • 1 “M” class bobbin for use during session
    • Use of our rulers and various specialty feet

Additional Costs
  • $7.50 thread charge to use our thread per 2, 3 or 4 hour quilting session. All-day session will incur a $15.00 thread charge.
  • $2.50 bobbin charge for additional bobbins
  • $100.00 per broken needle. See frequently asked questions for more details.
We ask that you bring quilting gloves in order to ensure your safety when quilting. We do have gloves for sale if needed.

To insure proper operation of our machine, we require the use of Superior brand cone thread which we have in a variety of colors and can order any color not on hand. The cost of the thread will be included in the rental fees unless King Tut thread is being used. If using King Tut thread, a $7.50 thread charge will be added.

If you choose to not use our thread, we require thread pre-approved before each rental session.

Only HandiQuilter “M” class bobbins can be used on the HandiQuilter machines. Use of our bobbin winder to wind bobbins is included in rental time. Additional bobbins can be purchases from us if you plan on renting the machine multiple times or plan on using varying bobbin threads.

We have a variety of batting that can be purchased or bring in your own batting. Just ask prior to your scheduled quilting session and we can help you find what will work best with your project.

We have a variety of fabric including extra wide backing. Bring in your own backing or purchase it from us. Just ask prior to your scheduled quilting session if you need assistance with backing fabric.

It can get noisy working in an area with multiple quilting machines running. If you think the noise will bother you, we recommend bringing in a pair of headphones and listen to music. Aside from drowning out the noise of the machines, the rhythm of the music can be a great tool and assist in the flow of your free motion quilting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t finish in one session?
We don’t expect you to finish in one session. This process can be physical and these timeframes are typically the limit of one individual to sit for any period of time.

Gauging how much time needed on the machine will be determined by each person. Once you’re more experienced you should be able to gauge how long it will take you to complete your specific project.

We will work with you to help determine a time frame but it will depend on how fast and the density of your quilting. As you progress, you should become more accurate in gauging time.

If you do not finish in your estimated timeframe and require more time, additional time can be purchased for the next available time slot. Other customers may be scheduled and we want to be respectful of everyone’s time.

What if I haven’t finished my quilt at the end of my session?
You may be able to extend your session if no one else has reserved the machine. If you extend your session, the cost will be $10.00 per half hour or $15 per hour past your session time when available on the same day.

You can pre-schedule your rental time to be sure you get the rental time that you need in order to finish your quilt. If another quilter has not already scheduled time on the machine and you need more time to finish your quilt, you can add additional hours to your rental time in order to complete your quilting. If another quilter has already pre-scheduled their rental time and you are not complete, you will need to schedule additional rental time in order to complete your project. Be sure to estimate extra rental time for yourself for incidentals that may occur during your quilting time.

How skilled do I need to be rent time on the quilting machine?
You need to have basic machine quilting experience and we will teach you how to operate the machine. This is not a training session. Please check our class schedule for classes regarding free motion quilting techniques.

Can I bring my friend to watch or help?
We have limited space in which the machine is set up. We ask that if you need help setting up and you need assistance from a friend, they are only present for a short period of time in order to make the most of your working space.

I found some long arm needles on Amazon. Can I use them?
To ensure proper set up of the machine, we will only utilize our own needles.

Why does a needle break cost so much?
Typically, a broken needle is the result of the needle coming in contact with a solid surface or by general issues of the machine. Due to this, a thorough check by our qualified technician will be required. Any additional damage cost associated with a broken needle may be assessed to a user once the full extent of any damage is determined.