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Amara / Moxie Rental

If you're looking to rent time on a long arm, you're in the right place! We're now offering to rent time on our HandiQuilter Amara 24 and our Moxie stand-up long arms. Take the quilting in to your own hands. 

The Moxie is on an 8-foot Loft Frame.  This size frame will accommodate quilts up to 74-inches wide comfortably.  For quilt tops larger than this, please check with us for possible alternatives.

The Amara 24 is on a 12-foot Gallery2 Frame.  This size frame will accommodate quilts up to 108-inches wide comfortably.  For quilts tops larger than this, please check with us for possible alternatives. 

Training Class
In order to rent time on any of our long arms, you will need to complete the Longarm Certification Course.  Check our Class Schedule for available classes.

Training includes:
  • Basic operation of the machine
  • Operation of the bobbin winder
  • Tension adjustment
  • Threading the machine
  • Proper bobbin case installation
  • Oiling the machine
  • Discuss the importance of a square backing
  • Thread basics

Valet Service
Take advantage of our valet service! If you bring your quilt in to us at least 2 business days prior to your rental session, we will have your quilt properly loaded and lined up on the machine with your thread choice threaded and bobbin wound and in the machine ready to go! We'll make sure your tension is set and the needle is ready to start quilting when you are. This service is $25.

  • Have a design in mind and plan out the quilting path you intend to take with your quilt.  
  • Plan ahead to make full use of the time frame in which you have been scheduled. 
  • Ensure backing is at least 4 inches wider all the way around your quilt.
  • Be sure all three layers are independent and not secured together.

Amara / Moxie Rental Fee Schedule

   Deposit due at time of scheduling quilting session

     Deposit will be applied to your quilting session


   Initial Training

     4-hour Longarm Certification Course


   2-Hour Quilting Session (minimum)


   Hourly Rate after 2-Hour Minimum


  All Day Session

     Tuesday through Friday will be 6 hours
     Saturday will be 5 hours


   Overage of Scheduled Session

    $20 per half hour

Rental includes:
  • 1 bobbin for use during session. 
  • Use of our rulers and specialty feet, after three rentals of free-motion quilting
  • New, appropriate gauge needle to begin your project. Your new needle will be installed at the start of each session by a qualified Warm N Cozy technician

Additional Costs 
  • $5 for use of our stock of Omni threads. If you prefer, you may bring or purchase a different thread to use instead.
  • $25 valet service charge per session
  • $100.00 per broken needle.