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T-shirt Quilts

We love making t-shirt quilts. Give your t-shirts a new life! 

We can make any sized quilt. We custom design each t-shirt quilt and are happy to help you plot out the exact layout, or design the layout for you. This means we can incorporate shirts with varying design sizes, despending on the layout used. 


Preparing your shirts

We prefer that you give us the t-shirts uncut. This allows us to perfectly center your designs and allows us to use the left-over fabric from the t-shirts for any piecing that may be needed. We want your t-shirts to be as visually pleasing as possile, so ensuring we get the right cut is the best way. We do ask that you wash all shirts or clothing you'd like to be included in your quilt. We recommend placing painters tape or masking tape over the unwanted designs. Also, we are happy to return any used pieces back to you if you wish. 

We need at least 12 shirts for a lap size quilt and can incorporate up to 50 or so in a king size. 








52” x 60”

66” x 82”

74” x 92”

84” x 92”

92” x 110”

Number of shirts*






Price Range**






* This is just a rough number to get you started. We can make quilts with a varying number of shirts.

** Prices are calculated based on the exact size of each quilt. This chart is meant to provide an example of approximate total cost. We are committed to providing you excellent quality quilting services.

Estimating cost

Assembly cost is $150. This includes $75 for the shirt prep and $75 to set the quilt top. 

All t-shirts will need interfacing. If you are adding additional clothing items, they may need interfacing based on the fabric. This cost will be incorporated into your estimate and is priced at $4.95/yard.

Backing, Binding, Borders, etc

Most quilts will need additional fabric to complete. We can assist you in choosing fabrics that will coordinate with the shirts provided. 

Please check our machine quilting page for information on estimating quilting and finishing costs. 

We're happy to give you an individualized estimate before you bring or mail in your materials for your quilt.

Additional Features

For additional cost, we can add embroidery to your quilt. Please email or call for a custom quote.